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Professional Translation|From English to (Swiss) German|Words you can trust

Conquer the  ♡  of your future customers from Germany and Switzerland with high-quality translations from English or Dutch to (Swiss) German.

Hi there.

I’m happy you’re here!


I’m a Swiss language nerd with a BA in translation who’s turned her passion for languages into her dream job. When I’m not obsessing over words or syntax, I’m watching a good documentary, cycling or jumping on the trampoline with my kids.

Having worked as a Language Study Travel Agent, I’m always up for a trip to a known or unknown destination. That’s another reason why I love my job, it doesn’t depend on location. No matter if I’m working from my home in the Netherlands or going back to my roots in Switzerland, nothing stops us from working together!

My eagerness for learning new things always comes in handy in my job. You know those people who don’t rest before they’ve googled everything? Right, that’s me! I go to great lengths to understand my clients’ industries and research how the experts in their fields actually say things.

But that’s enough about me. I’d love to know more about what I can do for you!

Get in touch and let’s talk all things translations.


Why work with me?

A-Z Approach

Your project is taken care of by one translator who understands it inside out & ensures consistency. You will always know who you work with & who to contact directly with any queries.

Human Brainwork

Unlike AI, I use my linguistic expertise to conduct relevant research & understand context, because this is essential for truly professional translations.

Swiss Precision

Based in the Netherlands, but Swiss at heart, Trustwordy lives up to the Swiss standards of precision & punctuality when it comes to wording & deadlines.

The Extra Mile

Whether it’s researching field-specific terminology, giving the translation an extra proofread, or contacting you to clarify an ambiguous passage –
I go the extra mile!

Want to know what I'm really good at?


Marketing translations

Roll out your marketing strategy internationally.

I transcreate your advertising campaigns and social media content and perfectly tailor it to the Swiss or German market and audience.

Website localisation

Translate your website to German.

I turn your website into its German counterpart! I’ve previously worked with brands such as Sail Croatia, Creative Supply, WedLab and others to translate their website content.

Translations for tourism industry

Get travel enthusiasts from the
D-A-CH area on board.

Using my experience in the travel industry, I specialise in providing translations for accommodation providers, tour operators, and travel magazines.

Let's walk you through a typical scenario...

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into your content. You’ve weighed every word and used colorful language. It’s designed to evoke the emotions of and engage your audience.

Now you just need to make your products or services available to the folks in German-speaking countries…You throw your text into Google Translate and – voilà!
Of course not.

Machine translation can be helpful. But often it causes more harm than good, when completely relied on. It can’t replace human brainwork. You need someone who

  • conducts relevant research
  • understands the words and sentences in their context
  • factors in little nuances, colloquialisms and double entendres.

This is where Trustwordy comes into play. I make sure that none of your brilliant ideas get lost in translation, but rather are brought to life in (Swiss) German!




Completed Projects


Happy Clients

Don't take my word for it...

See what my clients have to say about working with me.

"Janice translated various case studies and articles for Creative Supply and was involved with the translation of our new website. Her proactivity, sense of responsibility and rich vocabulary convinced us right from the start. It's always a pleasure working with Janice!"

Attachment image #1225
Lara Aebischer – Account Manager at Creative Supply

"Janice was a delight to work with on our large-scale translation project. She was professional, engaged and in constant communication to ensure that the translation was of the highest standard. Janice provided an exceptional translation that was contextually relevant, and went above and beyond by completing milestones ahead of the required deadline. I would not hesitate to recommend Janice for any English-German translations and will be in touch for any future translation requirements!"

Attachment image #1239
Jayde Cox – Marketing Manager at Sail Croatia

"Janice was exceptional! The document I gave her was certainly not an easy one to translate, but she excelled at it and even surpassed my expectations. Truly professional, and with Swiss precision! Thank you, Janice"

Attachment image #1237
Juliette Jensen – Independent Editor & Content Writer

"Janice is wonderful to work with. Her translations are always consistent, use the correct terminology and sound natural and not translated. She takes her job as a translator very seriously and always delivers top-notch translations. A real gem."

Attachment image #1284
Rossella Laghini – Content Delivery Manager at Investoo Group

"Janice's work is of the best quality! This job was not easy, with a lot of different translations, from different channels and platforms. Janice managed to complete this task with an efficiency that I've never seen before! She's also very generous of her time and always available if we have other requests. I will definitely work with her again in the future!"

Attachment image #1285
Sarah de Paz – Senior Growth Marketing Manager at Superbolt Agency

"I worked with Janice on a long-term project that sadly had to come to an end. Janice was a brilliant collaborator, high-quality German translations (validated externally to be of great quality) were delivered in a very timely manner. Beyond this, though Janice really threw herself into the project and delivered value beyond the original contract, supporting the rest of the translation team, developing guides and workflows to make the project run smoothly. Hopefully, we can reconnect on another project soon :)"

Attachment image #1327
Daria Astapova – Localisation Project Manager at Labster
I've been working with Janice for a transcreation project in Swiss Mundart and she has been amazing. She is highly responsive and flexible, and she provides high quality. She is very professional. It was a real pleasure and I'm looking forward to working with her on new projects! Thank you Janice!
Attachment image #1419
Rachel Canton - Project Manager at Novae


  • Wittelte, Drenthe, The Netherlands
  • janice@trustwordy.eu

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